They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

Let’s meet today with Boris Horvat, Phd and CEO ACE.Trade :

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Boris Horvat, PhD, CEO ACE.Trade

(1) Can you present your business ?

Empowering the future of distributed economies: At ACE.Trade we believe that everyone should have the opportunity (even more so, has the right!) to engage and participate in the global digital economy and seamlessly exchange digitised information, goods and services.

As different research shows, exciting times for crypto-currencies are coming, especially as the market is still in its early stages and many “low hanging fruits” have yet to be picked.

One of the current main problems/blockers are usability (“the ease of use”) of existing crypto tools which would assist and foster the mainstream adoption (mainly, of “novice users”). So, this is our main focus, together with incorporatedcustomer centric approach on all levels of our services and touchpoints with the users.

Our Mission: “Easiest and most user friendly on-boarding app for the crypto economy, with the support of community of peers”

Besides above mentioned complexity of the existing tools, there are also challenges in closing the gaps among crypto token searching (with most potential, following top charts…), acquisition and consumption, speculative trading and real-world usage.

Currently crypto users are using various apps and tools for different types of engagement (fiat-to-crypto gateways, portfolio management, wallets, setting alerts and reports, tax reports, following crypto news, community with friends and experts, different end (d)Apps for utilization of different utility tokens etc). That is why our solution is bridging the complex world of tokens, now in one place. So called, “one-stop shop” for accessing the utility of tokenized platforms — meaning: managing, organising, trading and using tokens, while at the same time also actively participating in crypto communities. All that should bring down users “crypto-overload” to a minimum and at the same time optimise users productivity in performing his trading activities.

Initial Product: Mobile Crypto Broker — as your “Quick Dive into the Crypto World”

A simple mobile EUR-to-BTC/ETH/XRP gateway for beginners, with a community of peers to help everyone make informed decisions.

Goal for the end of 2019: To provide a simple mobile fiat-to-crypto gateway for beginners in the EU jurisdiction with excellent UX and customer care.

Where we are now (July 2019): We are focusing on addressing general user pains, the most important being: mainstream customers don’t play with their money. For novice mainstream customers buying crypto is hard & frightening. Early users perceive cryptos only as a speculative investment, with some legal and tax uncertainties.

Currently, due to the lack of projects on the market with utility tokens with real use cases (note: many were promised in the so called “2017 golden ICO-phase”), the majority still doesn’t understand that tokens can be utilised (e.g. for buying decentralized electricity etc.). They just wish to buy and speculate on the price of the crypto, and be a part of the vibrant community (for now).

Their first experience today results in: not buying, elevated stress, feeling intimidated and “stupid”, and feeling treated as a potential “bad guy”. Moreover, based on the performed interviews with our first users, even the “seasoned” speculators feel that “existing apps are to complex for their use.”

We welcome all readers to join our ACE.Trade Community by simply downloading the app (https://ace.trade) and help us be even better. Support our growth and empower our mission! ❤

(2) A word on some projects / clients you are supporting?

Our team members and advisors continually provide highly valuable experience in inventing, launching and growing platform business models and are committed for their long-term growth.

We take pride in our core team’s proven track record, as well as their skills in building scalable, secure and advanced enterprise software and business models. Our business advisors were carefully selected to provide expertise from all fields of business operations, including taxes and accounting, regulation and compliance, financials, market research, scalable cloud infrastructure, cyber security, UX design, marketing, internationalization etc.

Competences of the team:

  • 11 PhDs, mathematicians (combinatorics, graph & game theory, large networks, AI, data analytics), crypto investors and traders, engineers, cyber security experts, software developers, business developers, operations managers.
  • 10 years of working together in solving complex optimization problems in industry, providing efficient, scalable, cloud ready and durable solutions.
  • Lean software development with short development cycles, continuous deployment and actionable metrics.
  • Got VC investments and numerous awards for business model innovation and technology, including co-founders of GoOpti (https://www.goopti.com), Slovenian startup of the year 2015.
  • Solid leadership in Boris Horvat, PhD, CEO, co-founder of 5 high-tech companies, including Abelium and GoOpti, awarded innovator, supervisory board member of Slovenian Blockchain Think Tank, a passionate learner of capital markets, economics and cycles, 20 years leading high-tech teams. In crypto from 2011.

(3) A word on the crypto/blockchain ecosystem in Slovenia?

sLOVEnia is a crypto advanced country and one of the leaders in the EU

(Source: Shopper’s Mind Slovenija, Valicon & Ceneje, 2015–2017)

We were recently listed among “5 countries that are perfect for Blockchain and Crypto Startups” ❤

  1. Switzerland
  2. Gibraltar
  3. Malta
  4. Bermuda
  5. Slovenia

(Source: https://coinnounce.com/5-countries-perfect-blockchain-crypto-startups, 9.7.2018)

Why Slovenia is a perfect starting point?

  • Slovenia has the key competencies and requisites for digital transformation. It has one of the most developed ICT sectors, achieving better than expected results in the field of e-commerce and use of cloud computing. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia is the first to have certified the state as a certified provider of cloud services.
  • Evolution of great mobile and e-commerce coverage and usage, coupled with excellent engineering skills and vibrant start-up and innovation support environment have resulted in several early movers in the blockchain industry, such as Bitstamp, Cofound.it, Iconomi, SunContract, CargoX etc.
  • Slovenia ranks in seventh place for digital transformation among European Union members according to its population skill levels. Strong engineering background acts as great support for numerous other Blockchain/Crypto projects and active blockchain community.
  • There exist vibrant fintech and crypto industry initiatives — led by Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia — that are working hard, together with the regulators and Slovenian government, to develop a workable legal framework for national blockchain regulation.
  • Several other industry initiatives exist, focusing on international cooperation, popularization and proper regulation of blockchain technology and projects in EU, to name a few: Blockchain Association, Blockchain Alliance Europe, European Blockchain HUB — BTC City, Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia, University of Primorska etc.
  • Today, Ljubljana is an active market of developers, advisers, investors and savvy businesspeople, with some of the most in-depth knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology and potential of its use in the world.
  • In the coming years, the biggest challenges will be mainly related to regulation and the search for an appropriate relationship between enabling innovation and regulating the field where these innovations live and do their business. Here the role of the blockchain friendly government is important — and Slovenia, a green reference country in a digital Europe, has established a crucial, blockchain friendly approach, that enables crypto and other fintech companies to accelerate their development and launch.
  • Current challenges for crypto companies are: cooperation with and support from the traditional banking industry on themes such as AML, video identification, electronic identification, open banking & PSD2 integration, registration of crypto exchanges and custodians etc.
  • Slovenia, in the world also recognized because of its excellence in mathematics, will host the 8th European Congress of Mathematics in 2020, welcome: https://www.8ecm.si.
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Why Slovenia? Source: http://www.digitalna.si/en/

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