They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

We are today with Gauthier Bros, CEO of Atayen :

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Gauthier Bros

(1) Could you introduce yourself and your interest for blockchain?

I’m Gauthier Bros, Atayen CEO, Ive started joining the Facebook developer program with Stephanie Clement and Geoffrey Moya, we developed the first live streaming solution for Facebook in 2010, 6 years before the native solution, also the first contact form, iframe apps solution and the first store on Facebook, we love disrupt, it’s in our DNA.

In 2014 we decided to incorporate in the US.

After bringing 4 million business to our solutions, we came up with the idea of allowing them to share posts between their pages, for example, to allow a car brand to publish on a car online magazine page and collect fees.

At this time, we’ve done extensive research on how we can check the post sharing performance of an account and create a way to store a budget in our affiliate platform and improve the way people collect their payment. We finally discovered the possibility of doing so with the solidity, the native ethereum language that allows us to ask third-party data sources as Facebook analytics or any other and directly trigger a payment from a user request.

The third party data source is called an oracle and is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or any website that supports insight API…We decided to create an ecosystem as Microsoft did with .exe, apple with apps, WordPress with module and Facebook with developers. Our system could bring oracles to interact with smart contracts and will solve advertising transactions issues thanks to the blockchain.

The idea was born, loads of work was ahead of us, we grabbed our keyboards and started coding…

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(2) Can you present the SATT project and its purpose?

In the beginning, discussing with people from the blockchain was intense, the market was moving forward, and everyone was busy.

Our 1st move was to create an easy to use wallet connected to Facebook to allow users to share crypto with their friends.

We decided to develop this solution because most tools to interact with crypto were too complicated for newbies, like setting up gas and gwei and long wallet ids that create the risk to make a mistake or never adopt blockchain.

That’s why we developed a set of basic tools to make it easy for new users such as:

· One click connect with Telegram, Facebook or Google.

· Send crypto directly to an email as PayPal, a public key can create nightmare to people that don’t understand it.

· Automatically set up the gas and gwei.

After sharing the first set of tools with our community we managed to raise 440k in less than 24h during our presale. After working 6 months with the team we kept our focus on delivering a platform that brings together influencers and advertisers with an automated payment solution that enables advertisers to post brief and the budget available for influencers who accept the brief.

So we developed the following solutions to our existing platform:

Install the SaTT payment in Facebook store, you can sell or buy SaTT on Facebook

· Youtube Oracle, Influencers can be paid in SaTT for a youtube video based on accurate video performance metrics.

· Wallet API, that allows any website to create a one-click authentication with a wallet connected

As we developed our solutions, our project caught the interest of the community, we started to get ratings from blockchain experts around the world and as of today, we are proud to announce that SaTT is the most rated project of all time by ICObench, the leading rating platform for blockchain projects.

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(3) What’s next? the moon?

Mass adoption is getting closer we have now a few campaigns listed on our platform and we see large corporations adopting blockchain such as Facebook with the Libra project that aims at creating a stable coin to banked the unbanked..

The time for ICO is fading away while IEO (Initial exchange offering) are rising and were token sales are happening directly on the exchanges, investors are more confident as the exchanges do serious due diligence before offering projects to their community.

At Atayen, we are working every day to improve the SaTT, and bring a community of developers to create oracles and convert our 4 million users to the blockchain with easy to use tools that fit their needs.

Discover how the platform in video here (English)

Discover how the platform in video here (French)

Discover Atayen website here

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