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Let’s meet today with Jérémi Lepetit, Co-founder of retreeb.

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Can you present retreeb?

Retreeb solutions are new means of payment, simple, practical, economical which allows you to consume in accordance with universal values: ethics, sharing and solidarity.

Imagine a network, free of Multilateral Interbanking Fees (MIF) and Visa or Mastercard fees. A new vision of finance which integrates a charity spirit in the heart of his business model. A payment industry where the 33% margin generated by each transaction is used to finance directly social & environmental projects.

We aim to make the finance world better.

For that, Blockchain technologies offer a great opportunity to propose new models and break unfair monopolies for a better distribution of wealth.

We decided to go against the flow and think different from usual blockchain cryptocurrencies projects!

First, our token is a new form of mono-currency stablecoin, which is worth 1 for 1 of the user’s FIAT currency. It’s deeply adapted and thought to use because it doesn’t require any form of conversion, it doesn’t compete with the monetary sovereignty of states and is not the subject of any form of possible speculation.

Second, we use a DAGchain (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology to preserves the control of user’s data and their digital lives. It brings a layer of trust and security over all types of transactions. It is a new generation of Blockchain, more scalable, more economical and less polluting.

So you want to become a Visa or Mastercard competitor. How will you succeed in carrying out such an ambitious project?

Of course, it’s a very ambitious project. But we thought of a powerful strategy to convince people to change the finance world with us. Indeed, even you have a good idea to change things in-depth, you need big leverage to make people adopted in mass your solution. Because a rational discourse is most of the time not enough, we considered emotional thought and opinions as the most powerful leverage to trigger mass adoption. For this reason, we decided to deploy our solutions in affinity segments based on convictions, sensitivities and unifying opinions (religious, cultural, sporting, food, territorial…).

With this strategy, we will not develop just one user wallet application but several user wallet apps based on the same technology and designed (user interface and charity projects) to be in accordance with the sensibility and way of life of different people communities.

For example, our first user wallet declination, “DînToken”, is dedicated to the Muslim community in the world (1,8 billion people) who share the same values about finance. In a second time, we are thinking to launch a wallet for the ecologist's community based on the same model as the first one. Of course, every wallet declinations of the retreeb consumer application will be supported in the retreeb retailer's network.

If it makes sense than a retreeb payment solution as DînToken is a good deal for the Muslim user, why corporates should join the retreeb network?

A sustainable model must be a win-win model for everyone. A good deal is a deal that satisfies all parties, the company’s profitability, consumers and the general interest (the society). This is not incompatible and it will be a duty for every business in this opening world.

With retreeb, there are two very clear opportunities for corporates. The first of them is fully rational: the price. We offer an ethical solution with transaction fees at the lowest market price without any fixed costs. No intermediaries and so an extremely attractive commercial offer. The second opportunity concerns the possibility for corporates to propose their own social and environmental projects to be supported by retreeb communities.

This approach is part of a virtuous CSR relationship between the consumer, the payment method and the merchant.

It’s time for finance to carry a social and environmental responsibility to the level of its real economic weight. It’s essential to give consumers and retailers the solution to act.

If you want to learn more about retreeb solutions, the entire team will be in Paris to make a keynote on December 10th at 7 pm in our “Finance Innovation” partner’s office. You can register here: http://event.retreeb.io (limited entrances).

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