They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

We are today with Jérôme Béclin, Business & marketing development manager for ARCHOS’s crypto solutions :

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Jérôme Béclin, Business & marketing development manager for ARCHOS’s crypto solutions

1) First of all, can you present Archos and its crypto wallets?

ARCHOS is a listed French company, and we’ve been manufacturing consumer electronics products for almost 30 years now. We have sold more than 10 million products over the last decade (mainly smartphones and tablets). We have more than 80 engineers in France, Germany and China, and some of them were early enthusiasts of the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies technologies.

That is why we decided to come up with a full a line of products — hardware wallets — for this promising industry.

Our first hardware wallet — ARCHOS Safe-T mini — was launched this summer at the very competitive price of 49.99€. It is based on the open-source software of Trezor, and we designed a whole new hardware, adding new security layers and a dedicated chip for security.

We have recently announced our second hardware wallet, the Safe-T touch, which will be launched at the CES in Las Vegas in January 2019. We have started from scratch to develop this amazing product and collaborate with French Cybersecurity expert Prove & Run to come up with the first hardware wallet embedding a service platform for crypto investors and users.

2) What are the specificities of your ARCHOS Safe-T touch?

The idea with the ARCHOS Safe-T Touch is to democratize access to cryptocurrencies with an “All-in One” device: fully touch screen, with a user-friendly application. It will also provide a complete ecosystem enabling a full range of services: initiate and receive transactions, check balances and currencies’ evolutions and also exchange crypto-assets and a lot of other relevant services for crypto holders.

We also worked specifically on security partnering with Prove & Run, and the device embeds a highly secured OS “ProvenCore” running in the Trusted Environment Execution (TEE) zone of the device, isolated from our stripped down version of the Google Android operating system. It also includes a fingerprint reader to authenticate its holder and a secure element to physically secure the user private keys.

The device is never directly connected to the Internet: it only synchronizes with a secured Bluetooth at the explicit request of its owner.

3) What are the key of a successful crypto wallet? Why should I trust an Archos product when it comes to crypto?

ARCHOS has been developing hardware products for more than 20 years. A secure Hardware wallet providing the ease of use of an Android application makes it both simple and secure to manage crypto assets.

Archos has a 10 year expertise in Android and kernel level code, Prove&Run is a renowned expert in Cybersecurity, “ProvenCore”, the secure OS running on the TEE is in process to get the EAL Level 7 certification by ANSSI (The French Cybersecurity Agency).

The next successful wallet will be the one that answers this question: How do I store securely my private keys in a user friendly platform?

That’s exactly what the ARCHOS Safe-T touch does. Additionally, Archos has shipped millions of electronic devices in the past years and is able to leverage its industrial know how.

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