They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

We are today with Roger Darin, Head of crypto-assets & Blockchain Advisory at Inacta AG :

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  1. What are Inachta activities ?

Inacta AG is a company that has been around for about 10 years in the ‘digital transformation’ space. It’s traditional business is document management for banks and insurance companies: when you send a claim to your insure company, for example, the insurance company usually doesn’t actually want that piece of paper in their letterbox. Instead, the document gets opened & scanned by the Swiss postal service and just the required data gets sent to the insurance company. When this happens, chances are high, that inacta technology has been used in this process.

Naturally, blockchain technology was added a few years ago to the company’s arsenal of tools and we advised many customers on how to use this technology and — where appropriate — implemented technical solutions on behalf of those clients. As for myself, I run inacta’s Crypto Assets business and the firm’s Blockchain Advisory. In a nutshell, crypto assets is where blockchain meets finance; another part of our blockchain business (run by Christian DiGiorgio, who literally wrote a book on the topic) is what we call DLT Solutions, essentially what is blockchain but not necessarily finance related.

2. According to you, how will asset management be transformed by crypto and blockchain technologies ?

Crypto Assets do for investments what Youtube did for Justin Bieber: open up new audiences while eliminating the need for gatekeepers. Small private investors can get onboard with great opportunities that were previously only open to wealthy individuals. Some of this will require changes to current laws that were introduced to protect investors a century ago. In contrast to those days, where your only source of news was the newspaper boy walking down the street and shouting the day’s headline, retail investors in 2019 have the tools to do more thorough research than the most professional investor a hundred years ago.

3. Can you present the crypto activities in Zug ?

Zug has a very vibrant ecosystem that you can witness first hand again in late March at the CV Summit, which focuses on Real Estate this time round (hit me up for a coupon code to get a discounted ticket). Having said that, “Crypto Valley” isn’t limited to Zug but stretches from Geneva all the way to Liechtenstein. The best way to get connected is probably via meetup.com where the terms “CV Labs” and “Bitcoin Association Switzerland” offer you so many events to keep your calendar filled!

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