They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

Let’s meet today with Karim Ganem, Co-Founder & CEO of IOV :

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Karim Ganem

(1) What’s the future of the Blockchain?

In the future, blockchain will totally disappear in a way that it won’t be visible anymore. You will be using it all the time without even knowing that you are using it because it will be embedded at the core of most technology.

Just like most people don’t know that they are using an IP address or a DNS when they are watching a movie online or doing a payment.

Blockchain will become unquestionable, omnipresent and invisible in most industries including goods and services, agriculture, healthcare, financial services, insurance, legal, entertainment, videogames etc.

(2) What does IOV stand for and why did you choose that acronym?

IOV is an acronym of Internet of Values. There is a fundamental difference between the Internet of Data which is the state at which we are now and the Internet of Values.

When we transfer text, images, and any other data on the Internet, this data is duplicated. But value should be owned by one person at a time. Blockchain enables the digitalization of value and makes value exchange as easy as exchanging information without copying it.

(3) Beyond crypto-currency, can you describe other kinds of values that the blockchain will impact?

We traditionally see the Bitcoin or other crypto-currency as the only digital asset or value that is. But values goes way beyond that crypto-currency.

Ownership, Identity, copyrights, votes, properties, these things are not crypto-currency but are valuable. And in the near future, we shall be able to use them on, and exchange them online.

(4) What got you excited about that project?

What’s exciting is the feeling of designing a new economy. We are creating a Name Service System so that generations of future blockchains and Decentralized applications can communicate together using proper blockchain names. I believe it’s the feeling of the pioneer that you can feel every day when you go to work.

Every question or problem that we face or answer has an unprecedented answer. This is what is super exciting.

(5) How do you think we will get mass adoption of the Blockchain technology?

If you look at the history of the Internet, there are mainly three reasons why it became mainstream:

1 — The capability to send messages by emails

2 — The browser

3 — A domain name service (DNS) to map IP addresses with human-readable names.

Today, we believe that what blockchain is missing to become mainstream is very similar, a domain name service for blockchain, a human-readable address to exchange values and multi-chain wallet with a lookup.

(6) What is the IOV Name Service and how do you access to that service?

IOV Provides a Universal Name Service for wallets, blockchains, and dapps. Just like the domain names we use for websites, human-readable value addresses will replace the complex series of numbers and letters. The IOV Name Service is a META name that is not limited to a particular blockchain ecosystem. It aims to list all active blockchains allowing anybody to access any token on any blockchain through a memorable human-readable address.

(7) How can IOV help mainstream industries accelerate and be disruptive?

Blockchain will play a fundamental role in creating the economy of the future. Any major industry, from finance to healthcare to gaming are now developing blockchain solutions to offer new or improved services to their clients. But this transformation will not touch the masses until blockchain itself becomes easy to use. IOV is building an underlying layer with which blockchain solutions will be accompanied by easy and seamless user experience.

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