They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have a new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

We are today with Pierre Lavarague, founder of Savitar Exchange :

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  1. What is Savitar?

Savitar is a cryptocurrency exchange set out to democratize and open up access to digital assets. We believe that digital currencies should be easy to purchase, possess and sell to become mainstream. With Savitar, people unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and low-volume investors can buy and sell digital currencies on a very simple way, at market rate, paying directly in euro.

During the last two years, a lot of new crypto-services have been launched on the market. This was an important step to install blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions into the real world. People need to see use case in their life to better understand the value brought by these technologies. As important as they were, these innovations on the crypto-ecosystem are not going far enough. Cryptocurrency stay inaccessible and disconnected from the real world to many people. Savitar was created to find a solution about the cryptocurrency mass market adoption.

We want to make cryptocurrencies more accessible, intuitive and available to all. We believe this global technology represents the future of the current financial system. More efficient, more transparent, our mission is to democratize access to cryptocurrencies, allowing anyone, with or without technical knowledge, to get started conveniently.

As regulation and transparency are very important to bring trust in the cryptocurrency area, we choose to work hand in hand with financial authorities, especially with the AMF to develop sustainable and longstanding cryptocurrency exchange and fiat-to-cryptos gateway. We are following the due process to respect the current and future legal frameworks regulating cryptocurrency exchanges.

2. What is the key of a sustainable exchange?

Building a cryptocurrency exchange platform is not something complicated. The difficult part of the crypto-exchange business is to turn a high-risk business into a sustainable trusted platform in the long term.

At this moment, a lot of new actors try to emerge in the cryptoexchange competition. Most of them try to compete with historical exchanges like Kraken, Bittrex or Poloniex by following and reproducing their model. If this strategy may work for few, mostly, the copycat exchanges will not bring enough value to users to be sustainable in the long run.

At Savitar Exchange, we think an exchange platform needs to bring value by innovation, services or positioning to seduce users and become a sustainable project. With this idea, we make the choice to differentiate our platform from competitors while being focus on user experience.

Unlike the majority of exchange platforms, we are convinced that the quality of the available cryptocurrencies on an exchange is the key to the user experience. Today, most cryptocurrencies’ values listed on big exchanges such as Binance or Bittrex, have dropped by 90% since last year. To protect our cryptocurrency investors and improve their trading experience, we choose to list and offer only cryptocurrencies and tokens related to strong projects with real value.

Cryptocurrencies are often presented as something technical or complex for beginners. At Savitar, we want to break this distorted perception. Cryptocurrencies are not more complex than the traditional financial system. Nobody knows how a banking transaction works, but everyone uses it constantly because this is easy to perform. It should be the same for crypto. This is what we bring. Savitar’s users can buy, sell and also send cryptocurrencies as easily as euro transactions.

A better user experience combined to a better investment protection on digital assets listed will bring more trust and value in a sector who really needs it. People use a bank because they trust them to manage their funds. Cryptocurrency ecosystem needs to show that with good choices, it is as safe as the traditional financial and banking system.

A good idea can be easily explained. Cryptocurrency is a good idea. It is time to make it easy to use. Try Savitar Exchange (

3. What are the next challenges of Savitar?

Our main challenge will be to increase our notoriety to make the platform known in Europe. In the crypto-ecosystem, it is not easy for good products and services to distinguish themselves from scams and other low-quality solutions. Basically, everyone can launch a crypto or blockchain service. This is a very good point for innovation and competition but as a consequence, the projects’ average quality is low.

However, we are confident in our Savitar Exchange platform and the choices we made. Targeting an ambitious long-term goal is the better argument to convince users and demonstrate them that Savitar Exchange is the simplest, safest and the most trusted cryptocurrency platform in Europe.

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