They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have a new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain interview key people of the blockchain ecosystem: if you want to be next, please email us at

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1-Can you present yourself and tell us more about your company?

I am Alain Broustail, director of Sword Blockchain and currently focusing on blockchain technology. Sword Group is an international software, services and consulting company that assists world leaders in their technological and digital transformation programs.

Our company was created in November 2000 in France, and the group has now more than 2,300 employees operating across more than 50 countries.

Today, we offer our customers adapted solutions to their business activity and we always emphasize the importance of innovation and efficiency.

One of our key domains of expertise in France and Europe is electronic content and document management. We help every organizational function devoted to the management of information throughout its life cycle, such as document digitization, storage or archiving.

In addition to all of this, we are the first system integrator in France for digital publishing and customer communication platforms, a business of software solutions that allow companies to edit documents in a massive way.

2- Why did you decide to use blockchain?

Digital signature tools exist for a long time now and are often used to sign a document, a file, a PDF, or an image by using a specific algorithm.

We are interested in the security aspect of the blockchain and in the link between this technology and electronic signature. Today we use the blockchain as a platform of evidence that collects proofs showing that a document originates from a specific person or organization and no one else, this proof can be shared afterward.

Blockchain is a safe means to stock important information and to guarantee integrity. The information stored can be used later on in case of litigation, to prove the authenticity of a document, this way the sender cannot deny having sent the message (non-repudiation).

These pieces of evidence can be used in a court of law, we believe they are compliant with the European regulation on a simple digital signature and can be accepted as proofs of transparency and taken into consideration by today’s judges.

Blockchain is a very interesting, safe and useful tool because it has its own timestamp system in it, that proves the integrity of a series of data which means that the message (the proof) was not altered, without relying on any third-party intermediaries and also avoiding long term maintenance cost or needs.

Some of the main advantages of public blockchain compared to other electronic signatures methods is the cost and the confidentiality that it offers: blockchain is cheaper than traditional solutions and provide more confidentiality since you don’t have to give the document to a third party to prove its authenticity.

3-What are your ambitions in this field? and how do you define your relation with Tezos

Our goal is to become the leading European consulting and system integrator company in the digital signature market based on a public blockchain.

We, first of all, chose Tezos for the security it offers. The Tezos public blockchain and the smart contract we propose can possibly be audited by our clients, private and public institutions.

Besides, Tezos’ offers and low energy consumption consensus are compatible with our ecological values: in 2011, Sword group joined the global compact (united nations global compact), thereby committing itself to the 10 principles relating to human and labor rights, the environment and corruption.

We are looking forward to pursuing our collaboration with Nomadic Labs because we believe that a digital signature based on the Tezos blockchain is very important nowadays and is a promising innovation.

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