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Aymeric Bethencourt / Loup Theron
  1. Can you present yourself and your organization?

My name is Loup Theron, I’m a blockchain developer at OCTO Technology. OCTO is a delivery, consulting and training company organized in tribes around various topics: APIs, DevOps, Machine Learning, User Experience, Blockchain…
Aymeric Bethencourt and I are in the blockchain tribe which allows us to work on blockchain projects both for CAC40 companies and startups. We have worked on private blockchains such as Corda and Fabric, public blockchains such as Ethereum and Tezos, and alternative blockchain-related solutions such as AWS QLDB. OCTO also gives us a few days per month allocated to R&D which often lead to articles on our blog

2. What is your relationship with Tezos?

We’ve been following Tezos since its early beginnings. Tezos is very interesting because it has been solving challenges we’ve experienced working with other platforms: forks, smart-contract security, and consensus.
We decided to start a series of articles about the Tezos and were quickly contacted by Nomadic Labs to develop a partnership.

We learned about the Tezos grants and applied with 2 projects:

  • Tezos Academy (, a gamified interactive tutorial to learn how to code smart contracts in LIGO smart contracts
  • Tezos Link (, an API gateway to the Tezos network aiming to improve developer experience when developing Tezos dApps, basically like Infura for Ethereum.
    We are also delivering Tezos courses to a french engineering school, the ESGI, and we are helping some of our customers on smart-contracts security and architecture.

3. What are your upcoming projects in the Blockchain ecosystem?

We have multiple incoming projects for private clients mainly about stable coins and tokenization.

We also plan on applying for more grants both on Tezos and other blockchains offering grants as well. We particularly like this kind of project because this allows us to develop the open-source ecosystem. Both Tezos Link and Tezos Academy are free and open-source on our GitHub:

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