They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have a new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

We are today with Coleman Maher , head of partnerships at Origin Protocol

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Coleman Maher
  1. Can you present your background ?

I am the head of partnerships at Origin Protocol. I am an active cryptocurrency investor and real estate entrepreneur, owning and managing multiple Airbnb properties. I studied mathematics at Berkeley and am an avid combat sports fan and competitor.

2. Can you pitch us Origin Protocol ?

Origin Protocol is a platform that allows buyers and sellers to meet in a truly peer-to-peer way. It cuts out rent-seeking middlemen, removed the single point of failure of centralized platforms, and allows for an instantly global and uncensorable network. On Origin, you can buy and sell goods and services with anyone in the world without needing a bank account or permission from a corporation or government. You can have an Airbnb-style listing to share your home, buy fine art amongst many other products, or rent someone’s time and expertise by the hour. We currently support many kinds of marketplaces, including third party marketplaces not operated by us.

3. A word on the crypto ecosystem in the Silicon Valley ?

Silicon Valley and San Francisco is the center of the crypto ecosystem in the United States. This isn’t surprising since this is true of the technology industry and startups in general here in the US. There is an abundance of highly educated and skilled professionals, venture capital, and an atmosphere that fosters innovation. Many of the best crypto startups in the world and brightest minds in crypto either live here or spend significant time here. It’s quite different from New York, where there is much more of a focus on banking, consulting, and enterprise blockchain.

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