They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services, or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

Let’s meet today with Gaël Durand-Perdriel, PR Consultant at Havas Blockchain:

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Gaël Durand-Perdriel

(1) First of all, can you present your background and your relation to crypto

I discovered the professions of communication through my studies at the Catholic Institute of Paris and a master’s degree in political communication and lobbying at the “Université Libre de Bruxelles” in Belgium.

I have always had a passion for new technologies, interested both in their impact and their possibilities and the ecosystems they activate and disrupt. First of all, I had a strong tropism on the Civtechs and their relationship with the BigData which the main subject of my first publication was “The impact of Big Data in Political Communication”.

I started my career in a firm called MCBG Conseil where I have had the opportunity to work for the communication of ARK Ecosystem and François-Xavier Thoorens.

During this mission, I discovered Blockchain technology and the tokenization, its meaningful possibilities, complexity, and promise for the future.

I was quickly impressed by the density of the Blockchain ecosystem in France and internationally.

A swarm of ideas, projects, geniuses (and we must admit some scams in the basket as well).

(2) Why did you decide to work at Havas Blockchain?

After several months of support and the chance to exchange more with experts in the ecosystem, I had the chance to come and work at Havas Blockchain after a meeting with Fabien Aufrechter, Head Havas Blockchain.

I was immediately driven by Havas Blockchain’s vision of communication and the high standards placed on the choice of projects supported by the company.

Havas Blockchain’s objective is simple, to bring a 360° top vision to companies in the ecosystem to provide a transversal communication perspective.

Since my arrival at Havas Blockchain, I have had the amazing opportunity to work on projects as diverse as they are varied: the support of Arteïa for example or lately two projects — still confidential — but which will promote the mass adoption of the Blockchain and crypto-currencies.

This is what is quite incredible in this profession, the projects we support together are both great opportunities and wonderful challenges.

(3) How do you see the mix between communication and Blockchain’s future?

I am deeply convinced that this technology will deeply change the way we do PRs but the real subject is the link between new technologies and PRs.

The real subject, in my opinion, is that of technological innovations versus PR.

The subject goes far beyond blockchain technologies. For example, in the age of artificial intelligence, those who carry out press reviews by hand are destined to no longer be competitive.

Similarly, in the age of blockchain technologies, the authentication of financial press releases by trusted third parties no longer makes sense: the technology is simple to use and makes it possible to authenticate a document at a very low price.

It is in this continuity that I am convinced that blockchain technology will tomorrow be the best anti “deep fake”/ “fake news” weapon since it allows very simple to make the difference between a real and a fake video.

It is clear that this technology has a bright future ahead of it!

Those who still believe that it is a fashion have not understood that it is something as durable as the digital revolution of yesterday. The proof: legislation is gradually crystallizing throughout the world, and large companies are launching themselves one after the other on the subject.

Samsung, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook…many companies are able to work and working on issuing digital tokens. And while this is still relatively complicated and unclear for most users today, as soon as the first large companies have passed the testing stage, everyone will understand how disruptive these technologies are.

The promise of blockchain is also about reinventing customer relations, user relations, relations between citizens… And I am proud to participate in my humble scale in this evolution.

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