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Grégory Raymond

(1) First of all, can you present yourself?

I am a journalist covering blockchain and crypto news. The topic became an interest of mine in 2013 when I discovered that Bitcoin could be an effective way for savers to protect themselves against arbitrary decisions made by States or Banks. I got very interested in the fact that a protocol of exchange of value is almost elusive, for its qualities as well as for the drifts that it generates. Bitcoin has changed a paradigm in the economic world and I am delighted to be able to study this upheaval every day. Everything that places decentralization at the heart of its operation is extremely important to me. We are witnessing the emergence of a new thinking model that can have profound consequences in the world, and not just in technological or economic terms.

(2) A word on the Paris Blockchain Week Summit ?

France is currently fighting to become one of the key hubs of the blockchain ecosystem. Under the aegis of Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, the French Government has created an innovative framework that’s making a lot of noise worldwide. It was therefore quite logical for Paris to host a large event dedicated to the crypto-community. I believe that this Paris Blockchain Week Summit was a great success: many international actors told me they were impressed by the organization and the expertise of the participants. Some interesting deals should be announced in the coming weeks and I believe that this event played the role of a catalyst. I hope it will be renewed next year with more French projects being highlighted.

(3) You are leading the “Notre Dame des cryptos” initiatives: can you present it?

Everything started with very moving images: I was unable to stop watching Notre Dame de Paris in flames. And I wondered: how could we help rebuilding one of the greatest symbols of human genius? At that time, no billionaire had given any money yet. So I decided to create a Bitcoin address and to tweet about it in English.

When I woke up, the message had been shared many, many times and, on the flip side, some people accused me of being a scammer. This is where the association Cercle du Coin spontaneously came to me offering some help for securing the collection and bring more legitimacy to the initiative. The funds are now protected in a multisignature wallet controlled by myself, a member of Cercle du Coin and the French entrepreneur David Prinçay. A website was launched in a few hours to explain the project. Since then, Binance and the American media Cointelegraph have also launched their initiative in favor of Notre-Dame. Our goal is now to help the Government add Bitcoin as a means of additional payment for the donations to the structures they have designed for the collection. We are currently working with them and the cabinet of Secretary of State for Digital Affairs Cédric O to find a solution. Although the sum collected is still modest, it shows that the donation at an international level is a very good use case for cryptocurrencies. The collection will remain open until May 20 and you can access all the necessary information here. I take this opportunity to call crypto-enthusiasts around the world to bring their “block” to the rebuilding of Notre Dame. And if some wish to send important contributions, we will highlight them for sure on the website.

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Donation in Bitcoin
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Donation in Ether

Telegram of the initiative here :

Twitter of the initiative here :

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