They are our clients, our friends, good contacts, or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have a new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain interview key people of the blockchain ecosystem: if you want to be next, please email us at

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1. can you present yourself?

Hi! I’m Hugo Rémusat, associate creative director at Havas Events.

With a passion for storytelling, cinema, music, tech and gastronomy, I feel lucky my young career already brought me to work on virtually every communication vector there is. I designed interactive experiences, luxury packagings and goods, directed music videos and ads, wrote stories and strategies for big international companies as well as nascent startups, led a rock band and Djayed for big crowds… anything that has a link with culture(s) is of highest interest to me.

2. What is your connection with the crypto world?

I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011 but didn’t understand then the true potential of the blockchain.

A few years later my wife joined the trust and safety department at Ledger, and I started really digging this fascinating universe.

Bit by bit I ended up understanding what a truly revolutionary tool blockchain could be, and how the internet and all aspects of our culture could be transfigured by it.

Projects like Bitcoin and XRP but also Chiliz, Decentraland, Akoin and many more caught my attention for the possibilities they unveiled and how deep they could change our society.

Naturally, the desire of telling the stories of this swarming ecosystem came to my mind.

From this simple idea and a few talks with Guillaume Huault-Dupuy, a crypto-enthusiast journalist friend of mind, emerged the primary shape of the Blockchain Unchained project.

3. Tell us more about this adventure!

It all started with a simple question: how could one make blockchain and cryptos accessible to everyone?

We quickly noticed there was a true lack of easy-reading literature on the subject, and Guillaume and I gave ourselves the mission to fill the gap!

Infused with pop references, this book will tell the human adventures, cultural dimension and societal potential driven by and driving the crypto verse.

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After a quick introduction to the story of cryptography and money, and a didactic tutorial on blockchain, the book will offer original and inspirational content about its first decade of history and the many projects imagining its future.

To make this fantastic project happen, we’ll need a strong community for two reasons: first, we’re raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign that starts today, so we need as many backers as we can to finance the writing and production of the book.

Second and most importantly we want the book to reflect the community, and be as collaborative as we can make it possible through social media and blog curating.

We’ve been working hard to design a prototype anybody would want to read, and we hope it will be perceived as we intended, both as an entry point for newbies and a collector evangelizing tool for the crypto community.

We sincerely hope Blockchain Unchained will participate in the advent of the blockchain era, and help these incredible technologies lean towards mass adoption!

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