They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto community. They have a new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

We are today with Jeremy Martin, CEO & Founder of Smartchain:

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  1. First of all, could you tell us about your background and your ongoing projects?

​My study path is quite atypical: I started with a school of computer engineering, then I did research in mathematical optimization and finally, I finished my studies at the École Polytechnique in a field specialized in economics, modeling in economics, using game theory.

I worked for several large companies, including Crédit Agricole’s management (Functional IT Architecture), then I was very early on impressed by the Blockchain technology and quickly understood that the stakes were staggering. I was one of the pioneers in France to have a position as an expert on these technologies in a leading consulting firm.

Later in 2017 I met Adrien Hubert and we decided to create two companies:

  • Coin Capital, specialized in the study, creation, curing, and enhancement of crypto assets. We currently have projects to create crypto assets for large quantities in France. We also offer turnkey portfolio creation services as well as support and conferences to introduce the general public to the switch to Blockchain technology.
  • Smart-Chain, more recent, is focused on the realization of turnkey projects in the French and international ecosystem. It offers global support for projects that are generally larger and more complex and take much longer to process, and which are not necessarily related to crypto-assets or fundraising. A good synchronization of all actors is vital to support this kind of R&D projects.Smart-Chain also has an academic training center for which it was awarded the 2019 Innovation Prize.

2. Can you tell us more about the impact of blockchain technology on your sector of activity?

The Blockchain is multidisciplinary, our action is precisely to support companies in their transformations, whatever their sector. Indeed, as we have seen that the Internet has had an impact on all business areas (indeed, any company must have a website nowadays). In this image, the Blockchain is simply an update of our IT architecture, making it more efficient, more secure and above all compatible with valuable flows. Indeed it is now possible to send money or an object with a certain degree of a rarity in a computer request.

Some sectors will obviously have a different reception from the others, for example, it is simple for some companies to “tokenize” their business assets, i. e. to digitize values that could not previously be modeled without the computer tool. The advantage of Blockchain tokens also lies in the fact that they are non-duplicable, which is not the case with a traditional computer object.

It is therefore interesting to see that some applications of the Blockchain are very natural, for example in areas that are in contact with money.

3. How do you see the evolution of the blockchain market in the upcoming years?

​ Like all major revolutions, whether the Internet or telephone, it is clear that the Blockchain has become absolutely viral in just ten years. The Blockchain will make it possible to clean up existing structures, through the possibility of limiting the tokens “issued”, the contribution of trust and the low cost of functionalities that are interesting for our company model. For example, it would be possible to emit a token that represents certain limited resources of the planet, to allow an ecological and economically optimal use.

Bitcoin has been able to bring together very large players around the globe in about ten years, while Visa and Mastercard have been in place for more than fifty years. It is clear that large companies such as facebook have understood the stakes well, the states and so on, but also the big schools have not missed the subject of Blockchain either, because it is perhaps the greatest advance in terms of research and development that we would have known in our era. Many additional potentialities to what was known until now make the technology absolutely unavoidable. And we are only at the very beginning of this revolution, many ideas are to come and invent. It is absolutely certain that all computer systems of any kind will in the future be required to connect to a certain degree, or even 100%, of a Blockchain architecture.

The technology being complex a lot of R&D remains to be done and a certain advance compared to the general public is already taken by professionals. It will be very interesting to see in the coming years what the general public’s interest will be in this extraordinary phenomenon, which could lead to a new social dynamic.

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