They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services, or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

Let’s meet today with Jimmy Chambrade, co-founder of Leonod:

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First of all can you present yourself ?

My name is Jimmy Chambrade, I’m the co-founder of Leonod, a french company providing services related to Bitcoin and other blockchain-based networks.

After a master degree in business engineering, I started working as a project manager for an IT company called Roverba (Res Non-Verba), where I was in charge to offer and deploy adapted server solutions (mostly cloud) to my customers. I first heard of Bitcoin in 2014, but I, unfortunately, didn’t take the time to explore this new kind of currency as I was focused on my business objectives. After two years at Roverba, I took a year to explore the world, improve my English, discover new cultures and ways to make business. California and China (Guangdong and Fujian) particularly impressed me, and I again heard there a lot about digital paiement and Bitcoin.

When i came back home, I get in touch with the growing local cryptocurrencies community, and I found out that some friends of mine had already invested in bitcoin, some of them were even mining. They explained to me what the PoW was, how bitcoin was secured, censorship-resistant, and why it was such a big step in civilization history.

Together we decided to put our efforts to democratize this technology, and from then I couldn’t stop thinking about Bitcoin. We created Crypto Lyon ( to federate communities and then created Leonod. And… We are here today, on the eve of a big financial revolution.

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Can you present the Lyon’s blockchain ecosystem and its specificities?

As a Lyon native and founder of Crypto Lyon, I might have a bias, but I do find the Lyon ecosystem very attractive and dynamic. Firstly it’s important to recall that Lyon has a great recruiting ground for developers and also a place of innovation.

Regarding the ecosystem there are several ways to look at it : some people are focused on the social and monetary aspects like censorship resistance or taking back the power on the monetary system and some others are only focused on tech innovation: the interesting part here is that Bitcoin is composed of these two aspects. As a result we got a plural community mostly focused on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Moreover many projects emerged from Lyon, we got for example the first french ICO with the “Beyond the void” project: an Ethereum-based game. We also got the biggest french ICO in terms of funding with “Iexec”.

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What is your view on the future of crypto-currencies?

On this 10 years emerging market, everything goes really fast. It’s quite tough to anticipate. What I personally believe, is that nowadays Bitcoin presents (and has always been presenting) the only real value proposition that offers strong guarantees.

After 10 years, and a lot of modifications of the codebase, it still succeeds in achieving its goal : being “a peer to peer electronic cash system”, it’s still decentralised, censorship-resistant, public, accessible to everyone, open-source and upgraded every day by an army of qualified developers. The Bitcoin mining market is now industrialized with a huge hashrate, making the network to be far more secure than any of its duplicates.

I think that the “tokenisation” of any products, like real estate, bonds etc will have some great application, but Bitcoin is the real game-changer. I’m convinced that solutions like the Lightning Network will gain in usability and utilization, pushing Bitcoin to a new adoption scale. It’s just the beginning of great history.

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