They are our clients, our friends, good contacts or just people we met in the crypto-community. They have a new vision, they are running great projects, they are developing new services or they just want to share their story. Havas Blockchain is interviewing key people of the blockchain ecosystem.

We are today with Louis Benassy co-Founder of Chainvest:

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1. Can you present Chainvest?

We founded Chainvest with a simple goal in mind, to make investing in crypto-assets easy, accessible and rewarding.

Early on, our priority was to ensure that our offer would not drown in the hype surrounding the blockchain and crypto-assets. Hence, throughout our existence, we have sought to adopt a reasoned and evidence-based perspective on the blockchain phenomenon.

This has led us to participate in the academic and in-house research effort which has been undertaken since crypto-assets have taken the center stage on the investment theatre.

The Chainvest team identifies and screens investment opportunities in the crypto-sphere in a way that individual crypto investors can’t match, by leveraging its understanding of the blockchain technology and crypto-finance.

Chainvest has also expanded its investment capabilities to include algorithmic trading as a service to its clients. The recent broadening of our services is aligned with our goal of offering an ever-increasing variety of exposures to the crypto-sphere.

Finally, all the services we provide incorporate a strong interpersonal component. Indeed, we value meeting our clients face-to-face and delving deep into their objectives. We’re open to exchanging directly with clients about the performance of their portfolio and to make any amendments to the strategy on a case-by-case basis.

2. Which assets do you invest in?

Chainvest’s investment offering is focused exclusively on the most exciting asset class of our time: crypto-assets.

Crypto-assets include the following subclasses, all three being provisioned via blockchain networks:

- cryptocurrencies (for instance, Bitcoin, Monero and Dash)

- crypto-commodities: (for instance, STORJ and Golem)

- crypto-tokens: (for instance, BAT, Civic, OmiseGO and 0x.)

Chainvest allows its clients to customize their investments by distributing their capital along two main propositions: a Long-term value and an algorithmic trading investment solution.

The first offers an exposure exclusively on the secondary crypto-asset market (thereby excluding ICOs or STOs), and the latter is focused on taking long and short positions on established crypto-assets with large trading volumes such as bitcoin, ethereum, EOS or LTC.

When it comes to investing on a long-term basis, Chainvest focuses on assigning a theoretical value to crypto-assets, whilst judging the qualitative characteristics of crypto-asset projects.

On the other hand, algorithmic trading involves detecting the cognitive biases present on the market and predicting the upwards or downwards price directions on a short to medium term basis.

Offering both exposures to our clients allows us to minimize downside risk, thanks to our ability to short crypto-assets as part of the algorithmic trading strategy while taking advantage of the emergence of a new set of high-potential investment propositions.

3. A word on the incubator of l’ESSEC?

ESSEC Ventures the incubator of ESSEC Business School.

It provides a structure destined to entrepreneurs for a typical period of over 9 months from the launch of their project until its development phase.

During the incubation period, companies may take advantage of training programs, a talent incubator, a dedicated seed fund and events which allow entrepreneurs and potential investors to meet.

An attractive characteristic for any beneficiary of the program is ESSEC’s free consulting sessions with a long list of professionals from wide-ranging fields such as law, IT consulting, venture capital or financial services. Using this service, we were able to tackle complex issues and move onto the development of our core competencies faster.

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